Grand Opening

Young@art have a grand opening in September 2021. Our office is located on summerside’s busiest street. We offer a variety of arts courses and training methods.We hope children who like art can join our training center.

YOUNG@ART is a performance recreation and training center for youths ages 5 -18. This center will have instruction on dancing, music, singing and acting as well as behind the scenes work.The lessons will also be open to adults that have their children enrolled or is a performance art enthusiast. The hobbyist classes will be offered throughout the calendar year and in the summer months, the center will hold summer camps for the youths.

YOUNG@ART revolves around human potential. We wish that every child receives the tools that will help him or her reach their potential.  We feels that this could occur through music, dance and performing arts lessons.

The benefits of learning music, dance and performing arts have been well established. Research shows there are benefits to creativity training. We believes that creativity and thinking skills can be taught through the arts.

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