PEI is known for some of the finest seafood in the world, such as lobster, snow crab, oysters, blue mussels and clams. PEI seafood products are renowned for their distinctive flavor and excellent quality.

Lobster is the crown jewel of the PEI seafood industry. Wild-caught in the pristine North Atlantic Ocean, PEI Lobster is known for hard shells and tender juicy meat.

The nutritious PEI lobster is

  • Low in fact and carbohydrates while high in protein
  • A good source of vitamin B12, copper, selenium, magnesium and more
  • An excellent source of heart-healthy OMEGA-3 fatty acids

No matter how it is cooked: boiled, steamed, or grilled; PEI lobster tastes delicious. Cooking time is determined by lobster size, and cooked lobster meat should be firm and white, and not translucent.